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Area snowpack slightly below normal

Area snowpack slightly below normal

When considering the late winter arrival followed by sporadic storms in January, snow pack levels in the Star Valley area are doing fairly well.

“Area snowpacks are pretty much the same as last year for this time of the year,” said DeMont Grandy, natural resource specialist. “Local snow courses in the Star Valley are all about 90 percent of normal. Current snow packs are above normal in the northwest corner of the state and fall off to 61 percent of normal as you go to the southeast corner of the state. The drought is still alive in many parts of Wyoming.”

According to Grandy, both the Greys River and Salt River are “predicted to flow 97 percent of normal if future precipitation events remain average.”

“It’s important to remember that all snow pack percentages are based on the water content in the snow pack,” he said. “The snow pack depth varies in density percentages from year to year so the only way to compare snow pack percentages from year to year is water content.”

According to Grandy, the Upper Green River Basin’s snow packs are “averaging 86 percent of normal.
Salt River Summit’s Snotel Site reported a snow pack of 85 percent of normal.  The Lower Green River Basin’s snow packs are averaging “90 percent of normal,” Grandy said.

“It is hard to say right now where we will end up for spring river flows,” he said. “Currently we are not really good or bad. The next couple of  months of precipitation events will tip the scale one way or the other. Spring rains are critical for rangeland vegetation growth while the high elevation snow packs provide water for irrigation and municipality purposes.”

For more information on area snow pack levels, contact the Lincoln Conservation District Field Office at (307) 279-3256 or the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office in Cokeville at (307) 279-3441.

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Area snowpack slightly below normal

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