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G&F looks at motorized regulations on Snake River

G&F looks at motorized regulations on Snake River

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department seeks input on motorized watercraft regulations for the Snake River between Grand Teton National Park and the West Table boat ramp in the Snake River Canyon. Currently, no motorized watercraft are allowed in Grand Teton National Park or in the Snake River Canyon below West Table.

Game and Fish managers have received numerous requests for motorized use restrictions on the Snake River. Prior to making any regulatory changes, Game and Fish managers would like to hear from those interested in Snake River boating regarding motorized watercraft use. Safety concerns have been heard over the last several years regarding operation of motorized watercraft, particularly in narrow river channels. 

Game and Fish will hold a public meeting to discuss the topic at 6 p.m., Monday, March 25 at the Jackson Game and Fish office. If public support appears to favor a watercraft regulation proposal, it will then be brought forward at a second public meeting (the week of May 6) at which time watercraft and fishing regulations in the Jackson region will be discussed. 

The official comment period for watercraft and fishing regulations is April 23 through June 7.

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G&F looks at motorized regulations on Snake River

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