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County Commissioners plan to expand Pine Creek Ski area

County Commissioners plan to expand Pine Creek Ski area

The Lincoln County Commissioners have drafted a letter to the Bureau of Land Management regarding the Pine Creek Ski Area. The county is seeking to expand the allowable uses of the Pine Creek Resort.

“We have been working for years to enhance the facilities and operation at Pine Creek,” the commissioner letter stated. “Our intent is to provide a quality recreational experience while ensuring the economic benefit to Lincoln County.”

The letter to the BLM is a form request from Lincoln County “for patent to better meet the future needs of the [Pine Creek] site.”

According to information provided by the County, plans for the Pine Creek Ski Area and Mountain Resort include:
• implementation of a progressively-installed snow making system and hydroelectric power generation utilizing Pine Creek as a source for both operations;
• improving access to the steep slopes along the west edge of the site for backcountry skiing purposes;
• establishing a new chair lift approximately 1,300 feet in length to provide skier access to slopes on the western extents of the site;
• developing one additional ski run and re-grading portions of an existing ski run, both located on the southeastern portions of the site;
• establishing a link with the existing snowmobile/cross country trail system located south of the existing boundary;
• constructing 12 rental cabins near the base area;
• installing a used “magic carpet” surface lift system in the base area for beginner skiers and snowboarders;
• constructing new buildings to store grooming equipment near the base;
• and, expanding the existing lodge in order to accommodate special events and enhance existing services.

According to Jonathan Teichert, a Plan of Development was submitted to the BLM on Thursday, March 7.
“There will likely be some amendments made in the proposed uses,” Teichert said. “The Plan of Development is a prerequisite to obtaining patent on the ski area, which the County has leased under a Recreation and Public Purposes lease for the past 40 years.  The patent should help better meet the day-to-day operations and future needs of the site.”

According to the development plan, the improvements will be put into place over several years.

“This is an exciting project, building upon the success and potential of the existing ski area,” the county letter states. “We look forward to continueing efforts to create a superlative recreation area that we can all be proud of.”

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County Commissioners plan to expand Pine Creek Ski area

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