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WDH asks for medication donation

WDH asks for medication donation

Wyoming residents are asked to consider donating unused medications to help others who may have trouble affording the prescription drugs and supplies they should have.

The Wyoming Department of Health’s Medication Donation Program supports qualified residents who have low incomes and who are without insurance or are underinsured. Since 2007, the program has helped residents fill more than 66,000 prescriptions worth about $4.3 million.

“Simply put, our program brings together people who find they have unused medications on their hands with others who may need those very same medications,” said Natasha Gallizzi, Medication Donation Program manager and pharmacist with the Wyoming Department of Health.

Residents may call (855)-257-5041 toll free to see if they qualify and if the medication they need is available.

“We can mail medications throughout Wyoming,” Gallizzi said.

Almost any medication may be accepted by the program, as well as certain medical items such as diabetes testing supplies or wound care materials.

Controlled substances, which are generally prescriptions regulated by the government and used for pain, sleep, anxiety or ADHD treatment, can not be accepted.

Donations okay for passing on to help others include:
• medications in sealed packages;
• unexpired medications;
• and medications that do not require refrigeration.
Donations not appropriate for sharing are destroyed.
“Safe disposal helps avoid both potential prescription drug abuse and the water pollution that can result from flushing medications,” Gallizzi said.
To donate unused medications:
• check to see if there is a nearby donation site.
• mark out any patient identifying information (name, address, phone number, Rx number), but leave the drug name on the container.
• complete a donor form available online at
• Mail donations to: Wyoming Medication Donation Program, Wyoming Department of Health, 2508 E. Fox Farm Road, Suite 2A, Cheyenne, WY  82007.

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WDH asks for medication donation

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