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This Week in Star Valley: March 1

This Week in Star Valley: March 1

In the middle of February, the Star Valley Independent celebrated a birthday, one that dates back to 1901 when the newspaper first began consistent production.  Since that time, the Independent has not missed a weekly edition.  Take a look back 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago during this same week of the calendar year and see what made the pages in the eyes of the writers and editors. 

25-years ago:

Following the conclusion of the 49th legislature in Cheyenne earlier this week, Representative Alan Stauffer said he was disappointed that the state’s spending wouldn’t be scaled back further . . . at the 1980 level in order to balance the budget.

Wyoming’s unemployment rate for January was 10.6 percent, up from December’s 9.7 percent. January’s rate was the highest recorded in the state since February 1963.

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50-years ago:

Afton Grade school Building in Poor condition, says fire inspection report– The inspection was made at the request of the board in trying to determine whether the building built in 1925 was in good enough condition to justify extensive repairs, or whether a bond issue to build a new building should be processed. The safety of school children and all persons using the building was also a factor in requesting the survey.

(photos) Rope climbing was one of the activities that tested the physical skills of the scouts at he Scoutarama Saturday night at the stake house. Pillow Fighting was another of the Scoutarama contest in which only the fittest survived.

75-years ago:

To Local Ski Jumpers–On Saturday, March 20th all the local ski jumpers of Star Valley will have a chance to jump, jump, and jump, in four classes, A, B, C, D. The most suitable hill in the lower valley will be used and three awards will be given in each class. The jumps will be made very safe. There will be no hurdle jumping, behind horse or car, it is not only too dangerous, but spoils ski jumping form. Form will count more points than distance, so get busy and practice. Form means safety, and safety is what we want on all our jumps. W. Clinger.

A deal was made the first of the week in which Harrison Brothers purchased the Edlund Fruit Store in Afton. The place has been remodeled and papered and in other ways all fixed up so it will make a first class fruit and produce store.

Star Drug Store will move to Thayne soon. A space in the Haderlie building will be remodeled at once, a new and up-to- date store space will be built in the spring.

100-years ago:

Don’t take any chances with the law, get your butter wrappers printed. We printed them for you 100 for $1.25, 200 for $1.75, 500 for $2.50. The Pure Food Commissioner won’t allow butter to be sold that does not comply with the Law, and will prosecute the dealers who persist in handling it.

Wilford Pead has moved into the Valley from Randolph, Utah, and will make his home here. He likes the prospect of a home in Star Valley and is satisfied that he is bettering himself by moving back. He will located in his home town of Fairview. His family was already here.

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This Week in Star Valley: March 1

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