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Star Valley Temple location confirmed

The Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in a letter to Afton Mayor, Loni Hillyard, has requested a variance to the Afton Zoning Ordinance for property located at Hwy 89 and Skyview Lane.  The letter confirms the future location of the Star Valley Temple which was discussed  in the Independent two weeks ago. According to the request, “Temples typically have a vertical spire placed above the main building structure as an architectural feature identifying a religious structure.”  The request proposes to develop a portion of the site and construct a temple.
Currently, new buildings within the limits of the Town of Afton are held to a height of 35 feet for residential property and 40 feet for agricultural property.

It is unknown what the final height of the Star Valley Temple would be at this time.

Mayor Hillyard commented on the situation via telephone with the Independent.

“The actual temple is not too tall, it will just be the steeple,” she said.  “Our flight path maximum is 45 feet so they are going through this variance process.  I do not anticipate a problem.  It is so far up the hill away from the airport I don’t think it will be an issue.”

Hillyard also believes the process has been painless to this point.

“I think it’s been going very well,” she continued.  “I think it’s been handled very well by everyone and very smooth.  Upon receiving the initial call, there was a lull and since then the church people from Salt Lake City have been in town and have met with various members of the community as well as business owners.”

Still many months away from the groundbreaking, LDS Church officials commented to Hillyard about the process so far.

“They felt very welcome in the community so they seem happy with how we are doing things as well.”

It will be the first LDS Temple in the State of Wyoming.

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