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Thayne to replace main water line

Thayne to replace main water line

The Town of Thayne will begin the design phase of a waterline replacement project this fall and winter. Funding to replace the distribution line along the west side of the highway has come through, said Mayor Bob King.  “The town will be replacing approximately 4,100 feet of waterline on the west side of Highway 89,” he said. “We received a SLIB loan with 75 percent forgiveness for the project. We will put the new line in and abandon the old line. We don’t know how many leaks are in the old line but we know that it is pretty bad shape.”
According to King, the total cost of the distribution line replacement project will be $670,000.

“Right now we are working with the Highway Department to get all of the proper permitting in place,” he said. “We will design the project this year and do the construction next year.”

According to King, the project will begin in the spring and “be done before heavy tourist season starts.”

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Thayne to replace main water line

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