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Star Valley Disposal earns recycling award

Star Valley Disposal earns recycling award

The idea of recycling in the valley has grown by a significant amount since the first container was placed out in the public by Star Valley Disposal in 2000.  This past month, the valley business was singled out by the Wyoming Solid Waste and Recycling Association for outstanding recycling program in a population of under 5,000.

“We started this program [eleven] years ago and it has just evolved since then,” said Guy Jacobson.  “We’ve got bigger and better containers and this is a public thing; without people’s involvement, it wouldn’t happen.” 


Jacobson pointed out that valley recyclers brought in more than one-million pounds of cardboard in the past year alone.
It is somewhat of an odd pairing with the area garbage man carrying the banner for recycling.  But Jacobson doesn’t see it that way.

“I think it’s complimentary to our business and I think its our civic obligation to divert as much trash from our landfill as possible,” he said.  “It might cost me a couple bucks but in the long run I think it’s something we should do and something we should educate the people to do.”

Jacobson and Star Valley Disposal believe that the program will hopefully keep growing and more and more people continue to participate.  He hopes to see the valley utilizing recycling programs to the point where the area has 50 percent of waste going into recyclables.

And there are plenty of folks who still have yet to really start using those containers.

“People can start with their aluminum cans, their tin cans, their cardboard and their papers and bring them to the containers, they are located all throughout the valley.”

There are recycling containers at the following locations:
• Star Valley Medical Center  in Afton
•Lincoln County Branch Offices in Afton
• Valley Market in Thayne
• Etna Trading Post
• Alpine Library

In addition to these, Lincoln County has containers in Afton, Alpine and at the landfill.
“I want to thank the commissioners for supporting these programs,” Jacobson concluded.  “Without them this wouldnt get done; past and present commissioners.  Also I’d like to thank the committees formed and all of the schools that have participated.  It all helps and it all adds up.”

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Star Valley Disposal earns recycling award

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  1. Recycling shouldn’t be done by a single company or group of companiies alone but I believe that it should be the collective efforts of all people because we are a part of this environment. It is good that many companies are engaging in the recycling campaign and act as prime movers. One important thing to do is educate the people and convince them to do their part in saving the world.

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