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Free energy audits available to irrigators

Free energy audits available to irrigators

Area irrigators may be eligible for a free energy audit thanks to a team of location organizations.

“The Bonneville Power Administration, Lower Valley Energy, High Country RC&D and the Star Valley Conservation District have an energy audit program going right now,” said Brenda Ashworth of the Star Valley Conservation District. “The program will end Sept. 30. [It allows] Lower Valley Energy customers who have an irrigation account to have a free energy audit completed on their system.   Depending on the results of the audit, cost-share for upgrading the system is available. The basic premise of the program is save water, save energy and save money.”

According to Ashworth, the energy efficiency assessment will determine how much energy a system is using and  how much energy and money could be saved by upgrading the system.

“Cash incentives to upgrade irrigation system components and farm lighting are available through Lower Valley Energy,” she said. “To qualify for the energy efficiency assessment the landowner must have an irrigation account with Lower Valley Energy.”

For more information about the program contact Brenda Ashworth at (307) 885-7823 or Wid Ritchie at (307) 885-6122.

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Free energy audits available to irrigators

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