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UW to study beekeeping market in Wyoming

UW to study beekeeping market in Wyoming

Wyoming’s agriculture greatly supports its economy, and behind the farmers there are small yet integral workers flying unnoticed.  Declining pollinator populations haven’t gone unnoticed in Wyoming.

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources associate professor of agricultural and applied economics Mariah Ehmke was awarded a $49,992 Federal State Marketing Improvement Program grant through the USDA in September to study the role of Wyoming’s beekeepers in western and national markets.

Beekeepers are typically thought of for their sweet tasting end-product, but Ehmke says the pollinator market hasn’t been studied as much as others.

“We’re relying more and more on beekeeper bees (for pollination) and the beekeepers know they can make more money than honey,” she said. “There’s a lot that can be learned about what beekeepers are currently doing.”

Ehmke plans to send out surveys this winter to collect data on current beekeeping operations. The study will focus on the expansion potential of Wyoming’s beekeeping industry.

For more information, contact Mariah Ehmke at (307) 766-5373 or

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UW to study beekeeping market in Wyoming

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