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Star Valley swimming pool surveys distributed this week


The Star Valley Swimming Pool Committee continues to move forward. This week the committee started the distribution of a Swimming Pool Survey.

Questions on the survey include the following:
1. I am in favor of a swimming pool being built in Star Valley.
2. I am in favor of supporting the swimming pool facility if it can be done with existing local tax dollars, (no new taxes).
3. I am in favor of supporting the swimming pool facility with new local tax dollars if necessary, (new taxes).
4. If new taxes were implemented to fund the facility, which of the following would you support as the new tax, (Please mark all that apply).
5. Where do you reside?
Response categories for the first three questions range from “stongly agree” to “strongly disagree.”
The fourth question offers “rec mill,” “6th penny” and “other” as response possibilities.
A list of Star Valley communities and Cokeville are included for responses on the fifth and final question.
Survey locations
Surveys are available in the Dec. 4 edition of the Star Valley Independent, at the town halls in Alpine, Thayne, Star Valley Ranch, Afton and Cokeville and on facebook under Star Valley Swimming Pool.

Committee members Spencer Allred, Josh Smith, Marlow Scherbel and Hyun Kim hosted community meetings and met with the town councils in Alpine, Star Valley Ranch, Thayne, Afton and Cokeville during November.

They also held meetings with the Lincoln County Commission and Lincoln County School District No. 2 Board of Trustees.

SV Swimming Pool Committee
“We’ve met with all of the entities and they have indicated they want to be a part of the discussion,” Smith said this week. “We will go out now and determine the amount of public support for this project and bring the data back to them. That is our main focus at this point.”
Scherbel acknowledged the extensive work of the committee had completed in preparing cost projections, a budget and contacting Wyoming communities with swimming pools for additional information.

“We put together an estimate of $4 to $5 million for capital construction costs, which we expect to receive help for in the form of grants and donations,” Scherbel explained. “And, we built an expense budget of $660,000 a year to operate.”

Referencing the contacts made with other communities in the state, Sherbel said, “In our research we found there are no pools not subsidized now, so we would need that tax subsidy.”

Allred further clarified, “We feel like the money is already in the existing budgets and that we would not have to raise any new [tax] money.”
Plans call for the swimming pool to be managed by a joint power’s board with representation from the incorporated communities, county and school district.
The committee asks for the surveys to be returned to the respective town halls in Alpine, Star Valley Ranch, Thayne, Afton and Cokeville or completed online by Friday, Dec. 20.

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