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This Week in Star Valley: December 2-8


The Star Valley Independent is the area’s only newspaper and has been covering the varied communities from Smoot to Alpine for over 110 consecutive years.

In that time some of the news from the valley has changed dramatically. Some of it is still the same as it was 100 years ago.

Take a look back 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago during this calendar week of the year and see what made the pages of the newspaper.

During the calendar week of December 2-8, check out the exploits of Rulon Gardner on the wrestling mat 25 years ago, and also take a look at which building was new 50 years ago.  Here’s a hint.  It’s likely in it’s last year of use before being torn down.

This week’s inset picture is from the same week in 2008 where a someone isn’t quite sure they trust the guy in red.  The main picture, also from 2008, shows the Braves in Action.

25-years ago:

They can measure up to one foot high or tower at 12 feet, they can be bushy and full or skinny and sparse.  Regardless of their size or shape, Christmas trees are an important part of the holiday tradition in America.  Just as the tree is a tradition, choosing one has also become a ritual to many families and individual.   Unlike their city cousins, Star Valley residents have a better opportunity to obtain their Christmas trees direct from nature’s nursery if they are willing to buy the permit and trek into the deep snows of the Bridger-Teton, Caribou, or Targhee National Forests.  For those who are not quite so adventuresome though,the alternative of picking one out from a selection of pre-cut trees is still readily available in the valley. Egan’s Green house in Bedford and Blake Robinson in Afton are two locations that readily come to mind when thinking about pre-cut Christmas trees.  Not everyone has picked out their special tree for the new Christmas season, but according to Merrit Egan of those who have already made their selection several have chosen the White Pines.  While in Afton, Robinson said there has been strong interest shown in the Scotch Pine.

It’s still early in the season, but Star Valley’s high school wrestling squad has sent out the message that they will once again be serious contenders for the state tittle. . . . Star Valley grapplers, David Merill and Rulon Gardner dominated their weight class throughout the tournament.  Gardner also left an early impression with the other schools by pinning all of his opponents.

50-years ago:

(photo)  New Afton Elementary School—The new elementary school building in Afton is now being used for classes.  The third grade class of Mrs. Adell Thurman is typical of the classrooms in the new building.  Twelve new classrooms were put into use this week.   Teachers moved into the rooms over the Thanksgiving holidays.  All grades, including kindergarten, up to the sixth are housed in the 12 new classrooms.

Dry Creek and Salt River drainage have been designated for cutting of Alpine Fir Christmas trees for personal use only on the Afton Ranger District.
Ad: One toy tractor and eight scale-model implements convince even the smallest farmer that John Deere offers a full line of equipment for practically any kind of farming.  At Nield Implement Co.

75-years ago:

U.S. Highway 89 to be Routed Permanently through Valley—The Star Valley Chamber of Commerce, assisted by the business men of Afton, sent a delegation to Dallas, Texas, last Saturday to attend a road meeting of the Bureau of Public Roads.  The delegation . . . made the trip to ask the Bureau to place U.S. Highway No. 89 back on its original route from Salt Lake, through Ogden, Brigham, Logan, Garden City, Paris, Montpelier, Star Valley, and up Snake River to Jackson and on through the Yellowstone Park to Canada.  This route is known as the scenic route from Mexico to Canada and was originally routed this way.  Several years ago through the efforts of the Kemmerer interest it was temporarily routed through Evanston to Kemmerer and up the Green River to Jackson via Hoback.  Wires and letters received from our delegation state that they were successful in getting it re-instated on the original route.

Those wishing to market turkeys through the Bear Lake pool for the Christmas market, must deliver them to the Nield warehouse at Montpelier, Idaho. On Thursday, December 15.   In case growers wish to send dressed birds to Montpelier on the Nield truck, deliver them to the Wyz Way Grocery at Afton, properly dressed and cooled on Wednesday, December 14.  E. Francis Winters, County Agent.

100-years ago:

Ad:  The genuine improved common sense Bob Sleighs.  They are better because: thoroughly seasoned hard wood, running, due to free oscillation.  They are made of the best selected and heavier framed, better braced.  Light best goods at the lowest price.  At Sidney Steavens Implement Co., a D. Taysom, Representative, Afton , Wyoming

For Sale:  Bids will be received by the town clerk for the following town property described to with:  Two lots 10 x10 rods each located on the south side of the Tabernacle.  Two lots 10×10 rods each located on the north side of the Tabernacle.  All bids will be subject to the approval or rejection of town council  C. L. Carson, Town Clerk.

London–The Thanksgiving dinner of the American society here Thursday night was noteworthy because of the pronouncement of the British government’s endorsement of the Monroe doctrine Viscount Haldane, lord high chancellor.  Three hundred and fifty American men and women with a large number of British guests were present, and they cheered Lord Haldane’s words again and again.

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