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Thayne looks to upgrade security camera system

surveillence cameras

The Town of Thayne is looking to upgrade and enhance its security camera system.
“We are looking at going to a better system with digital cameras that have better resolution and we will be getting some new software for those cameras,” said Mayor Bob King. “Right now we are reviewing our different options.”

According to King, the Town of Thayne currently has a basic camera system in place and feels that an upgraded system would be much more beneficial to the town.

“For one thing our maintenance department uses it to see what road conditions look like in the different areas,” said King. “That helps them to determine what roads need to be cleared of snow and how long that snow removal is likely to take. And, of course, cameras help to deter vandalism. But we also feel that because a lot of children use our facilities it is important to have these kinds of safe guards in place to keep them safe.”
According to King, the town has set aside funds to purchase the new equipment. The new cameras and software will be purchased and in place by the end of January, he said.

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