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Area telecommunications customers targeted in scam

Area telecommunications customers targeted in scam

A number of individuals in the Star Valley area have been targeted with a telecommunications scam. Local law enforcement is asking people to be aware of the potential danger.

“There are people who are clients of Silver Star who have been contacted by sales people claiming they are from a company called Reliant Communications out of Boston,” said Afton Police Chief Randy Haderlie. “The sales person will say that they are the new provider of the communication service and will ask to verify account information. The homeowner is then sent a bill for the services from Reliant Communications.”

According to Haderlie, Reliant Communications is a legitimate company, however, it has not authorized such calls and is not providing services to Silver Star customers.

“Reliant Communications is working with Silver Star and lawyers to get this problem resolved,” said Haderlie. “If you have received a bill from Reliant Communications, you can contact the company for reimbursement or bring your information to local law enforcement to get help with that.”

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Area telecommunications customers targeted in scam

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