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Mountain lions spotted in Afton

Mountain lions spotted in Afton

Reports of mountain lions in the north Afton area has prompted the Afton Police Department to issue a warning regarding the big cats.

“We have had several reports, tracks have been seen and the mountain lions have been seen multiple times in the Rawhide Trailer Court area,” said Police Chief Randy Haderlie. “If you see a mountain lion don’t try and approach it. Stay away and notify area law enforcement or the Game and Fish.”
According to Haderlie, the Afton Police Department has been working with local Game and Fish personnel on the issue.

“Right now it looks like these animals are just passing through the area,” Haderlie said. “We hope that continues to be the case. Nobody has been attacked. But there has been a number of different sightings. We just want to emphasize for people to stay away from the animals if they do see them and be aware that mountain lions could be in the area.”

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Mountain lions spotted in Afton

3 thoughts on “Mountain lions spotted in Afton

  1. Dear Editor:
    Glad to read that we have some cougars in town. I just thought of a great idea for all those who like to watch deer and other wildlife (cougars) in town.
    If all those who feed the deer would construct a perch above their feeders for mountain lions, they could watch deer interacting with predators, and at the same time they would be reducing the feral deer population in Afton which would please neighbors who don’t particularly appreciate the effect the deer have on their yards.

  2. And while the deer may be the “main course”, what’s to keep the mountain lions from “snacking” on a child walking to school? I fail to see the reasoning behind inviting a predator into your midst.

  3. Funny thing is this mtn lion is located right behind my parents ranch full of cattle and 3 dogs. My kids go to grandmas all the time and this lion has never been a threat. In fact it goes around the property to get to the trailer court for an easy snack in the middle of the night taking care of small dogs and house cats. Same thing happened ten yrs ago. A neighbor has seen it chasing deer on the hill. My parents three dogs keep the mtn lion in check. We have had more problems with coyotes than anything. We rode all over the property with snowmobiles and could not find a single track of the lion. We watched the sheriff drive up and down the road very slowly for two days he could not find a track around the property either. We know that it is there but it always goes back to the hill in early morning.

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