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Independent nets five Pacemaker awards

Independent nets five Pacemaker awards

At the 115th annual Wyoming Press Association Winter Convention, held in Laramie Jan. 16-19, the Star Valley Independent was recognized with five Pacemaker awards. Pacemakers recognize outstanding achievement over the previous year.

“The staff of the Star Valley Independent is well known across the state for their excellent work in news coverage, sports coverage, advertising design, layout design and every other aspect of the newspaper business,” said Dan Dockstader, owner and publisher of the Star Valley Independent. “They work hard to bring an award winning newspaper to the community each week.”

In 2013 the Star Valley Independent was recognized for use of graphic elements, headline writing, sport photography, portrait/personality photography and was awarded a special merit pacemaker for sports posters.

According to Advertising Manager Josh Henderson,  receiving recognition at the state level is nice. However, it is not the primary goal of the newspaper.

“I would trade the recognition for business to be successful in Star Valley,” he said. “We partner with businesses and try to help them be successful.”

Sports Editor Dahl Erickson stated that creating a quality newspaper each week takes some serious teamwork.

“I think the most rewarding thing is the idea that items we put a  lot of effort into end  up on the walls and refrigerators of the  valley,” he said. “We hope to come up with relevant and compelling stuff over the course of 52 weeks every year and the positive feedback that we  get for our effort is the best part of the job.”

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Star Valley's Flooring Destination - Carpets Plus Colortile

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Independent nets five Pacemaker awards

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