Swimming pool survey results compiled

Swimming pool survey results compiled

Swimming pool surveys have been collected and tallied. According to Josh Smith, one of the individuals involved in creating and distributing the surveys, approximately 900 surveys were completed.

“We feel that this is a pretty good response,” he said. “We received a lot more electronic surveys than we did paper surveys. We asked adults to fill them out and turn them in.”

The survey included five questions regarding the construction and maintenance of a swimming pool in Star Valley. The surveys were distributed throughout Star Valley and Cokeville. The results of the survey as follows.

1. I am in favor of a swimming pool being built in Star Valley: 72.4 percent (649) strongly agree; 10.6 percent (95) somewhat agree; 5.4 percent (48) neutral; 1.9 percent (17) somewhat disagree; and 9.8 percent (88) strongly disagree.
2. I am in favor of supporting the swimming pool facility if it can be done with existing local tax dollars (no new taxes: 62.5 percent (560) strongly agree; 11.7 percent (105) somewhat agree; 10.5 percent (94) neutral; 3.2 percent (29) somewhat disagree; 12.1 percent (108) strongly disagree.
3. I am in favor of supporting the swimming pool facility with new local tax dollars if necessary (new taxes): 32.6 percent (292) strongly agree; 21.4 percent (192) somewhat agree; 10.5 percent (94) neutral; 7.9 percent (71) somewhat disagree; 27.6 percent (248) strongly disagree.
4. If new taxes were implemented to fund the facility, which of the following would you support as the new tax? (Please mark all that apply): rec mil (property tax) 20.8 percent (232); sixth penny sales tax 46.1 percent (514); other 9.8 percent (109); none 23.3 percent (260).
5. Where do you reside? Afton 32.2 percent (289); Alpine 6.2 percent (56); Auburn 6 percent (54); Bedford/Turnerville 5.7 percent (51); Cokeville 1.3 percent (12); Etna 6.5 percent (58); Fairview/Osmond 12.5 percent (112); Freedom 2.5 percent (22); Smoot 6.9 percent (62); Star Valley Ranch 8.2 percent (74); Thayne 8.6 percent (77); Other/Lincoln County 3.3 percent (30).

According to Smith, the swimming pool committee is now working to “further refine the budget numbers” regarding a Star Valley pool.

“We are contacting a couple of facilities that are similar to something we might build in Star Valley and getting better budget numbers,” he said. “We are also looking into grant opportunities to construct the facility.”

In February the swimming pool committee will begin meeting with different government entities to discuss funding, Smith said.

“We will be meeting with the county and towns and the school district and asking for financial commitments,” he said.
For more information on the Star Valley Swimming Pool project, send an email to [email protected] or visit the Star Valley Swimming Pool page on Facebook.

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Swimming pool survey results compiled

2 thoughts on “Swimming pool survey results compiled

  1. I have been in favor of a pool ever since I moved here 25yesrs ago! We had a public pool where I grew up and it was used year round! It wad part of our p.e. Zprogram. We had diving, syncronized swimming, all kinds of meets with other schools. We are surrounded by water in this valley and very few kids know how to swim! It would give older folks a place to do low impact exercises and young mothers to take toddlers when older kids are in school! I hope it will be an indoor pool so it can be utilized all year!!Thank you for giving our bored kids something to do year round to!!

  2. i have wanted an indoor swimming pool in star valley sicce i was 3 i have try to got every day but we have to drive 2 hours to go swimmings i want a indoor swimming pool!!!!!

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