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This Week in Star Valley: January 29-Feb 4

This Week in Star Valley: January 29-Feb 4

The Star Valley Independent has been covering the multiple and rural communities of Star Valley for 113 years without missing a weekly edition.

The Independent is there for local government meetings, outdoor events, community discussions, tragic circumstances and celebrations.

In that time the news which has made the pages of the newspaper has been both shocking and typical.  Take a look at what made the news 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago during this calendar week in Star Valley.

This week’s pictures were all about basketball.  The inset picture is of Brandon Taylor making a pass against former 4A conference foe, Kelly Walsh, during this week in 2009.  The picture below is another shooter as a young Kohl Battleson makes his way to the national finals of the Hoop Shoot.  Battleson capped his own high school career with the game-winner in March of 2013.

25-years ago:

Kohl Battleson - 2(photo) Darrin Gale Haderlie had the privilege of being the first baby born in the Star Valley Hospital for 1989.

For over six hours sculptor Allen Haroldsen sliced and sawed, chipped and cut away at an eight foot tower of packed tower of packed snow.  When he finished he had created a towering statue of the kind-hearted wizard Gandalf, one of the major powers of goodness and light in J.R. R. Tolkien’s saga of “The Hobbit.”  Last Friday’s snowman, sculpture in front of Osmond Elementary School, helped usher in the school’s own snow putrescence event this week.

50-years ago:

A sprinkler system project that would at least double the production on about 7,000 acres of farmland in the Cottonwood Creek and Dry Creek drainages of Upper Star Valley offers an opportunity for improving the economic condition of the general area and about 90 landowners involved . . .  Approximate cost of the project would be estimated at $80.00 per acre, based on previously installed projects.  The government would participate on a 50 percent basis, and would assume 100-percent of flood prevention construction costs.  The project would be financed on a 50-year contract, at three percent interest. . . . the system would serve to lengthen the growing season for the landowners, and would result in  at least double the production of crops, using much less water then is presently used.

75-years ago:

Deputy Sheriff, Albert Barrus, informs us that many cattle and some other animals have been shipped into the valley recently without health certificates.  This is a law violation, and the sheriff’s office will do everything possible to see that only animals are brought into Wyoming from other states.

Many fraudulent checks have been floating around the Star Valley district recently  People who do not even have an account have issued checks.  In the Eastern part of the States last week,  man was sentenced to a year in jail for issuing a $12 fraudulent check.

Cheesemakers Trounce Rangers—The “jinx” was broken, tradition upheld and some lost prestige was given back last Friday night, when the Star Valley High School basketball quintet completely outclassed a ragged Kemmerer High outfit and did one of the fanciest jobs of playing “goalie” with the foes ever seen in these parts, as 37 points were marked up against 22 for the invaders.

100-years ago:

Traffic Suspended Due to Snow Storm–One of the worst snowstorms in the history of Star Valley has been experienced during the past week and even to the aged pioneer its equal is unknown.  Traffic has entirely been suspended between here and Montpelier.  Freighters enroute to the valley have been compelled to leave their loaded out fits at various points due to canyon snow slides and an unbroken trail, while others are still hesitating in an attempt to make the trip homeward and are tied up at Montpelier.  Even the U.S. mail contractors have failed in an effort to comply with their schedule, this being the first time since the adoption of a daily stage coach way that mail has been detained for a period of three days.  Snow has fallen to a depth of nearly three feet on the level, and this, along with numerous snow slides in the canyons, has resulted in the blockading and impassible condition of the road.

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This Week in Star Valley: January 29-Feb 4

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