Star Valley Medical Center is a Top 20 Critical Access Hospital as recognized by the National Rural Health Association 2013 and 2014.

Star Valley View in the black

Star Valley View in the black

The Town of Afton achieved a significant milestone this past month. According to Mayor Loni Hillyard, the Star Valley View Golf Course was in the black for the first time since it was expanded and enhanced.

“Three years ago the golf course was costing this town more than $300,000 a year,” she said. “We have cut that down significantly and we’re actually in the black for the first time. I would hope that this year we would have golf course expenses down to $100,000 or less.”

According to Hillyard, the savings at the golf course are due to “a number of different measures the town has taken to get spending under control.”

The town streamlined maintenance of the course, made changes in how the course was managed and run and looked at expenses to see what could be eliminated or reduced while still keeping a quality golf course in place, she said.

Star Valley View in the black

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