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This Week in Star Valley: Feb. 10-16

This Week in Star Valley: Feb. 10-16

The Star Valley Independent has been covering the multiple and rural communities of Star Valley for 113 years without missing a weekly edition.

The Independent is there for local government meetings, outdoor events, community discussions, tragic circumstances and celebrations.

In that time the news which has made the pages of the newspaper has been both shocking and typical.  Take a look at what made the news 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago during this calendar week in Star Valley.

This week’s inset picture shows a snowmobile race during this week of the year as part of Thayne Snow Days in 2009.


25-years ago:

Utah:  Major hurdle for Wyoming pipeline—Controversy over the route proposed for a natural gas pipeline to be built from Wyoming to California remains as one of the last major hurdles to the project. Groups in Utah have protested the proposed right-of-way through their state which calls for a pipeline to cross the mountains near residential areas of Bountiful, West Salt Lake, and West Bountiful.

Star Valley’s Italian cheese are the best, according to he judges from the National Milk Producers Federation. The Star Valley Cheese Factory, formally owned by Western Dairymen Cooperative, Inc., received the award recently at a competition in Los Angles involving all of the major cheese cooperatives in the United States.  The Star Valley cheese specifically noted was the cooperative’s mozzarella.  It was judged “Best Soft Italian” and the “overall Best Italian Cheese” of the event.  This is the second time the Star Valley cooperative has entered the contest and it is the second time they have brought home major awards.

50-years ago:

A federal court order was issued Monday morning in Boise, Idaho, restricting operation of Dr. C.P. Sundance, half Apache-half Iris “Master of Herbalism” who has been receiving patients for the past two years in his office in Freedom on the Idaho side of the Street.

The thrill of presenting an ambitious full-scale musical comedy at Star Valley High School has prompted the students to ask for extra school time to get more rehearsals in. Entitled “Get Up and Go,” the show will take two more weeks of intensive work by cast and production crew . . . The show tells the amusing story of a private school which, through a misunderstanding between the owners, has been divided into a school for girls and a school for boys.  The door joining the two schools has not been opened for three generations and a hedge divides the garden.

Ad: For all Homemakers on Valentines Day from the Housewife’s “Favorite Flame,” VanGas announcing Mrs. America contest.  $30,000 in prizes, help us find Wyoming’s ideal Homemaker.

75-years ago:

It may be interesting to many of our readers to know that a factory for building airplanes will soon be in operation in Afton, the firm to be known as the “Call Aircraft Co.”  The building which was started last fall is nearly completed and will contain about 9000 feet of floor space. They expect to have quite a number of men at work in this factory within a year or two.  So far as we know this is the first venture of this kind in Wyoming.

A few more snow storms like the past few days have been will see the snow piled to a depth to compare with the snow we had a few years ago.  The snow piled to a depth of about 48 inches on the level in the valley the winter of 1935 and 36, and it is now about 36 inches with more than one month to go.  We don’t mind the snow for while it is snowing it is not so cold, and the added snow adds to our water supply of next summer. . . .  We have the winter, and Utah and Idaho gets our water.

100-years ago: (Not available at time of printing.)

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This Week in Star Valley: Feb. 10-16

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