Governor Mead responds to district letter

Governor Mead responds to district letter

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead has issued a letter to the Lincoln County School District No. 2 Board of Trustees. The governor’s letter is in response to a letter drafted by the school board to the state regarding local control of education.
“Locally elected school boards are the heart of a first class education to Wyoming school children,” Mead’s letter states. “I respect local school district work and control. The state’s education laws and policies should assure maximum flexibility to locally elected school board members.”

“An advisory panel established by the Legislature (including teachers, principals, district superintendents, and school board members) has been working for three years to create an accountability system based on Wyoming priorities. The system they recommended to the Legislature is now being implemented. It is, in my view, better than the federal requirements of No Child Left Behind. We hope to replace federal requirements with Wyoming law.”

“Accountability targets should be understandable and achievable. Statewide content and performance standards mandated by state and federal law should be developed, reviewed and implemented in an open process. School districts should be able to know that the standards will remain unchanged until they are again reviewed by Wyoming teachers, district leaders, the public and the State Board of Education on a five year schedule. Then changes should be  made only when the change is better for the students.”

“The privacy of individual students is a priority of any system,” the letter states. “The system must protect student data and be continually evaluated to make sure that it is effective.”

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Governor Mead responds to district letter

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