Lincoln county seeks funding for fiber line

Lincoln county seeks funding for fiber line

The Lincoln County Commissioners have approved a $1 million grant application to the Wyoming Business Council. The funding would help to meet costs of installing a fiber line from Sage Junction to Kemmerer.

According to Commission Chair Deb Wolfley, the county is working with All West Communications, based out of Kamas, Utah, on this project.
“There is a lot of interest in expanding the bandwidth and fiber capabilities of south Lincoln County,” he said. “This project would help meet existing and future business needs, attract more economic growth to the area, and really improve the communications within south Lincoln County.”

According to Wolfley, the South Lincoln Medical Center and Lincoln County School District No. 1 have expressed interest in the project as well as a number of other businesses and groups.

“It is something that would really be beneficial to the county and benefit a lot of people,” he said.
There is a 15 percent in-kind match requirement associated with the grant.


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Lincoln county seeks funding for fiber line

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