Local riders claim world titles at Jackson event

Local riders claim world titles at Jackson event

The sleds are faster, the times are smaller and the hills even more challenging. These factors have not deterred the local contingent of the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association (RMSHA) from serving notice that Star Valley riders are among the best in the world.

At the 2014 Jackson Hole World Championships their skills were on full display this past weekend.

Luke Rainey brought home the 700 Stock title while Gavin Balls won his first title in the 700 Improved category.

Andy Thomas made it a clean sweep in the Semi-Pro division as he won the Stock, Improved and King of the Hill races.

Kaycee Balls won both the Women’s Mod and the Queen of the Hill race.

Finally, Tom Roby continued to be one of the best in the Pro Masters division, bringing home top performances in the Improved Stock and the Mod categories.
In all, Star Valley riders captured 28 top-10 finishes.

Climbers will continue to compile points in three more events in Logan, Utah, Crested Butte, Colo. and Driggs, Idaho before parking their sleds for the 2014 season.

Jackson Hole 2014 Finals
600 Stock
Luke Rainey    HM    6th
600 Improved
Brandon Titensor 1:43.11    3rd
700 Stock
Luke Rainey    1.35.093    1st
Brandon Titensor HM    8th
700 Improved
Gavin Balls    1.45.206    1st
Brandon Titensor HM    5th
700 Mod
Gavin Balls    1.39.449    3rd
Chad Jorgensen    1.40.338    4th
800 Stock
Luke Rainey    HM    6th
Tom Roby    HM    11th
800 Mod
Gavin Balls    1.39.914    9th
Luke Rainey    HM    12th
1000 Stock
Luke Rainey    1.37.417    2nd
1000 Improved
Tom Roby    HM    7th
King of the Hill – Stock
Luke Raney    1.47.360    3rd
King of the Hill – Improved
Gavin Balls    HM    4th
Tom Roby    HM    5th
King of the Hill – Mod
Tom Roby    1.40.393    2nd
Semi-Pro Stock
Andy Thomas    1.53.026    1st
Semi-Pro Improved
Andy Thomas    1.45.478    1st
Semi-Pro King of the Hill
Andy Thomas    1.50.046    1st
Women’s Stock
Kaycee Balls    HM    4th
Women’s Improved Stock
Kaycee Balls    HM    4th
Women’s Mod
Kaycee Balls    HM    1st
Queen of the Hill
Kaycee Balls    HM    1st
Pro Master Stock
Tom Roby    HM    8th
Pro Master Improved Stock
Tom Roby    1.53.583    1st
Delmar Suter    HM    6th
Pro Master Mod
Tom Roby    1.39.907    1st
Delmar Suter    HM    8th

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Local riders claim world titles at Jackson event

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