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Saturated water table could lead to mudslides

Saturated water table could lead to mudslides

Lincoln County Emergency Management is keeping an eye on the water table and soil saturation in the area.

“With all of the snow melt that is taking place and the rain and moisture that is starting to run the ground can become unstable,” said Jay Hokanson of Lincoln County Emergency Management. “This area is prone to that. We have mudslides in the canyons in the spring and people need to be aware of that and plan for it.”

According to Hokanson, the danger of a mudslide is that once the ground starts moving, it keeps moving.

“It continues to shift and flow and do damage once it breaks loose,” he said. “We anticipate that the water content in the soil is going to be high this spring and you just need to plan for that.”

In addition to the potential for mudslides, Lincoln County Emergency Management continues to make preparation for flooding.

“The flooding we had a few weeks ago was the result of warm temperatures and rain melting snow while the ground was still frozen,” he said. “Now the ground is starting to thaw, but we have a lot of snow in the mountains that is going to be coming out. We usually see our high water in May or June. So we are making preparations for that.”

Hokanson cautioned area drivers to be aware that roadways are in rough shape this spring.

“Roads really took a beating this winter,” he said. “Repair work and clean-up is getting underway in the county and towns so just be aware of that and slow down. Watch out for the equipment they are using along the sides of the roads to clean things up.”

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Saturated water table could lead to mudslides

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