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More musicians needed for Salt River Symphony Chorus

More musicians needed for Salt River Symphony Chorus

The Salt River Symphony Chorus (SRSC) just held its fourth rehearsal Sunday evening.
“Despite good turnouts and enthusiastic support for this community effort, more vocalists and musicians are needed,” said Stephanie Henderson, member of SRSC. “The goal is to triple the current size of the choir and fill in all sections of the orchestra — strings, winds, brass and percussion.”

Particularly, the SRSC is in need of more bass and tenor vocalists.

“We are looking for vocalists and musicians that are young and old, polished and beginners and those who haven’t performed for a long time,” said Henderson. “The SRSC is a great way for you to get back into performing or to experience it for the first time! Student vocalists and musicians are encouraged to join the SRSC.  We are fortunate to have some Wyoming All-State band and orchestra members joining us and will gladly welcome any other student musicians that are fully committed to the rehearsal schedule.”  

• Rehearsals are held Sundays at 6:30 p.m. in the music rooms of Star Valley High School.  It isn’t too late to join!

• The next SRSC rehearsal is April 6. *Note: no rehearsals will be held March 30 due to spring break.

The SRSC’s first concert is scheduled for Sunday, May 18 and is free of charge.
For more information, contact Stephanie Henderson, (307) 399-0139, general info/publicity; Tara Johnson, (307) 248-0326 – choir; Shilo Wolfley, (307) 880-5266, orchestra  or James Arbizu, (208) 688-1210, board/ fundraising.

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More musicians needed for Salt River Symphony Chorus

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