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Three from LCSD#2 receive Daniels Fund Scholarship

Three from LCSD#2 receive Daniels Fund Scholarship

Brock TeichertThree students from LCSD2 have received notification of being Daniels Fund Scholarship winners. Brock Teichert from Cokeville, Wyatt Greenwald and Paige Andersen from Star Valley High School will all be awarded educational funding.

“Brock is the second person in his immediate family to obtain this prestigious scholarship,” said Dolores Willis, Daniels Fund Advisor. “His sister, Savanna, took home the honors five years ago.  Brock is planning on attending a college out of state and will obtain a Bachelor of Science degree.”

He is the son of Sally and David Teichert.

Wyatt GreenwaldAccording to Willis, Greenwald is waiting for word from Cornell University.

“He has been accepted to several other colleges or universities but has not made up his mind on where he would like to attend,” said Willis. “He is majoring in Astrophysics and his dream job would be working in a national laboratory or research institute.”

Greenwald is the valedictorian of the SVHS Class of 2014 and is the son of Donn and Laura Greenwald.

“Paige is planning to attend DePaul University in Chicago,” said Willis. “She is looking Paige_Andersen_Webforward to majoring in Liberal Arts and is excited about moving to a large city. She has been active in several clubs and last week qualified to go to National Speech and Debate Association.”

Andersen is the daughter of daughter of Polly and Glenn Andersen.

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Three from LCSD#2 receive Daniels Fund Scholarship

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