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This Week in Star Valley: March 26-April 1

This Week in Star Valley: March 26-April 1

The Star Valley Independent has been covering the multiple and rural communities of Star Valley for 113 years without missing a weekly edition.

The Independent is there for local government meetings, outdoor events, community discussions, tragic circumstances and celebrations.

In that time the news which has made the pages of the newspaper has been both shocking and typical.  Take a look at what made the news 25, 50 and 75 years ago during this calendar week in Star Valley.

This week’s inset picture is one of friendly conflict as the spring brings about little league wrestling like this shot from the Independent during this week in 2009.

The main picture below also says that it’s time for soccer season as Kelsey Diedrich battles a Rock Springs opponent during this calendar week in 2009.

25-years ago:

Kelsie_Diedrich_2009Ad:  Craig Thomas, Wyoming’s Choice.  There is a difference!  More jobs through a stronger business and ag community; Fiscal responsibility; Limited government growth.

The Afton Town Council passed a resolution Monday night voicing disapproval of proposed landfill in the Freedom area.  The resolution will “voice disapproval or displeasure” to the Caribou County authorities in regards to allowing “Teton County refuge being brought to the Star Valley area.”

If the pressure in the Afton municipal water system remains low, the town council may have to consider limited restrictions on water use for the community. . . . In a related matter, it was noted that adding a line or increasing the size of the existing line leading from the head of the [Intermittent] Spring to the first cement water storage tank in the Swift Creek Canyon could help to alleviate the air problem in the water . . .  The original 14 inches line was installed in 1958.  No final decision was rendered on the matter.

(photo)  Garry Kennington challenges his opponent for another Jackson area title in wrist wrestling. Kennington has captured the title in the 175 lb. class seven times since 1982.

50-years ago:

Plans were completed last Friday in a meeting at Freedom by representatives of three counties and the states of Idaho and Wyoming for construction of a new state line highway north from Freedom. . . .  The commissioners reported that at the same time, it is planned to “re-sole” the state secondary high way from Thayne to Bedford.

Star Valley Lumber Company will be sawing logs at its new mill in Afton in the very near future, according to O.D. Perkes, M.D., president of the Star Valley Development Association.  Dr. Perkes said that the newly installed machinery is being checked out this week, and limited sawing is being done until the “bugs” are worked out.  The huge steam boiler will not be put into use until enough chips slabs and sawdust are accumulated to keep it in operation.  Water was put into the log pond last week.  Equipment is being checked out, piece by piece.

Condition of the snowpack and water content of the Salt River Watershed as of April 1 was an amazing 204 percent of normal.

75-years ago:

The Crippled Children’s Conference held in the South Ward church house on April 4 was a decided success.  From the standpoint of attendance, it is one of the largest held in the state.  Forty-eight children, with varying degrees of crippling conditions were examined by Dr. Huether and Dr. Jones.  Aside from the large attendance, it was important because arrangements were made at this conference to give much needed surgical care to several of our children.  It would be difficult to put an estimate on the real value of this phase of service.  To understand it one must see the happy children now facing a normal life because of the miraculous skill of Dr. Heuther, the surgeon who performs all of our operations.  The parents of these children are another measure of its value, for they can only try to express their gratitude.

The two Literary clubs of Afton gratefully acknowledge the receipt of money given toward the purchase of a piano for us in the Library by the Afton Civic Service Club and the Afton Town Council.

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Star Valley's Flooring Destination - Carpets Plus Colortile

This Week in Star Valley: March 26-April 1

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