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Afton Police Department to remain in place

Afton Police Department to remain in place

The Afton Town Council has decided to keep its police department in place.

The decision was made during the regular meeting of the town council on Tuesday, April 15. Details of the council’s decision will be included in the next edition of the Star Valley Independent.

The Afton Town Council initially began discussions as to the future of the police department in a workshop last month. The discussion had centered on the concept of “what was best for Afton” in regards to their own police force or to partner with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

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Afton Police Department to remain in place

2 thoughts on “Afton Police Department to remain in place

  1. I am glad that the city decided that they should keep the police department. Even though Afton is a small town. it still needs a police department. No Police Department equals come here nobody will be arrested or locked up. An invitation to come here to cause mayhem!

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