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Afton makes top-five in Wyoming list for places to live

Afton makes top-five in Wyoming list for places to live

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This week NerdWallet, a consumer-focused website dedicated to “saving people money by helping them make informed financial decisions,” announced Afton as being a top location in the state to own a home.

“Residents of many Wyoming communities spend well under 30 percent of their income on housing costs, making the Cowboy State an appealing option for home buyers,” said Sara Collins of NerdWallet. “NerdWallet has analyzed the data and found the best places for homeownership in Wyoming — and Afton made the top 10.”

According to Collins, communities were evaluated based on:• whether homes are available;
• cost of living in the area;
• and if the city where the home is located is growing.
Two cities in Lincoln County made the list.
Kemmerer was listed as number 10, with a 70.2 percent homeownership rate. Average homeowner costs in Kemmerer were listed as $1,302 per month with a median monthly household income of $6,686. Average home values in Kemmerer, according to the survey, were $169,400.

Afton was listed as number five with  a 77.9 percent home ownership rate. Median monthly homeowner expenses were determined to be $1,345. Household income averages were listed as $5,242 with median home values listed as $184,400.
The top communities listed on the survey were Bar Nunn, near Casper; Ranchettes, an unincorporated census-designated location in Laramie County outside of Cheyenne; Lyman; and Wright.
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Afton makes top-five in Wyoming list for places to live

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