Lummis to seek another term

Lummis to seek another term

Representative Cynthia M. Lummis has announced her re-election bid.
“I am excited to announce my campaign for re-election. The opportunity to serve the people of Wyoming is a high honor. With the support of hardworking Wyoming people I hope to continue serving the state and the people I love in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

“I always hear common-sense ideas on how to address our country’s problems from the people I talk to in Wyoming towns. Wyoming people know Washington can and must do better. I take Wyoming ideas and ideals back to Washington and use them in the fight against the failed policy mandates of President Obama and his chief House ally, Nancy Pelosi.”

“Every vote counts and every Wyoming voter deserves to have his and her voice heard. That’s why I will be traveling to all 23 Wyoming counties, listening and engaging voters on the issues that impact people’s everyday lives from the gas pump to the grocery store to the gun range.”

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Lummis to seek another term

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