Carcass discovery leads to rumors

Carcass discovery leads to rumors

Friday, May 2 the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office received reports of dog carcasses being dumped in Cottonwood Canyon.

The subsequent investigation revealed the carcasses to be those of coyotes.

“There was one dog, a blue heeler, that had some bite marks on it,” said Lt. Brian Andrews of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. “The rest of the carcasses were identified as coyotes that had been skinned.”

Coyote hunting is legal year  round in the State of Wyoming.

According to Andrews, the carcass discovery in Cottonwood Canyon resulted in a wide range of animal cruelty rumors spreading throughout the valley.

“Rumors of dog fighting rings, injecting dogs with methamphetamine or anything like that are just rumors,” said Andrews. “We have found no evidence that such things are taking place. At this point we have no reason to believe that they are taking place.”

Anyone with information relating to instances of animal cruelty is encouraged to contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 885-5231.

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Carcass discovery leads to rumors

One thought on “Carcass discovery leads to rumors

  1. I think the Sheriff’s Dept needs to offer a better explaination then they are “just” coyotes. Where then, are all the dogs that have disapeared from varies parts of the south end of the valley? Why did the blue healer have bite marks. Just brushing this off, is not the way to investigate these complaints.

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