Johnson named president of Sheriffs and Chiefs Association

Johnson named president of Sheriffs and Chiefs Association

Lincoln County Sheriff Shane Johnson has been named President for The  Officers of the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, (WASCOP) for 2014 to 2015.

Johnson was selected by his peers at the Law Enforcement Leadership Conference held in Casper earlier in May.
WASCOP includes 23 sheriffs and 65 police chiefs from around Wyoming. In addition  heads of various law enforcement agencies are also part of the Wyoming organization.

WASCOP’s mission, in part, is to “foster and develop professionalism and integrity within the Wyoming law enforcement community and be a leading partner to Wyoming law enforcement training providers to secure quality training for all Wyoming law enforcement professionals.”

WASCOP also partners with  the Wyoming Department of Health and the Wyoming Department of Transportation  Office of Highway Safety, administering grants that  address underage drinking and highway safety.

WASCOP works with the Wyoming Legislature throughout the year, providing information on topics related to law enforcement issues.

As president, Sheriff Johnson serves on the WASCOP executive board.

In recent years, Johnson has chaired the WASCOP Detention Committee, charged with developing and implementing statewide detention standards for juvenile detentional facilities.

Sheriff Johnson is in his 23rd year of law enforcement, 10 of those serving in Lincoln County.

He previously was an officer in Las Vegas, Nevada and Salt Lake County.
Johnson views the state-wide presidency as an honor for his county and the western region.

“This is good for Lincoln County, as well as this side of the state,” the sheriff said. He noted leadership positions in the past generally have come from larger metropolitan areas.
“It’s an honor and an important responsibility,” Sheriff Johnson concluded. “I’m happy to be involved and this is good for Lincoln County to have the recognition.”

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Johnson named president of Sheriffs and Chiefs Association

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