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This Week in Star Valley: May 12-18

This Week in Star Valley: May 12-18

The Star Valley Independent has been covering the many communities of the area for over 110 years without missing a single weekly edition.

This column endeavors to take a look back in time during this same calendar week of the year 25, 50 and 75 years ago.

Some of the headlines and news stories seem to repeat themselves. Others are unique to the time period.  Do you remember any of these stories?

In this week’s edition, there was talk of a natural gas pipeline being built from Wyoming to California. A bond election to raise $80,000 to repair Afton’s streets was up for debate and a marker was put in place to commemorate the Lander Trail.

This week’s inset picture shows the installation of the traffic light in Alpine five years ago this week, still the only traffic light in the valley.

25-years ago:

State and local government officials continue to be optimistic about the chances for a natural gas pipeline to be built from Wyoming to California. A shortage of natural gas in California has already caused some gas curtailment, and some industries have had to switch form natural gas to less clean fuel sources.

(photo)  Serving as a reminder of the recent winter, a solid snow slide still overwhelms the trail in the narrow confines leading to the Intermittent Spring in mid-May.  The slide acts as a deterrent for the traveler using the trail, but not for the fresh spring water pushing its way through a narrow opening at the bottom.  With only momentary exceptions the spring runs almost continually this time of year.

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50-years ago:

The Greys River road is now okay for public travel up as far as White Creek.
Saturday, May 23 , has been designated as “Poppy Day” by the American Legion Auxiliary, it was announced this week by Mrs. Doyle Child, president.  Mrs. Otto Stephens is Poppy Day chairman.  She has been in charge of many successful Poppy Day drives in past years.  “Dimes and dollars given on  Poppy Day go a long way in providing rehabilitation services to service men and service women.”

$80,000 Needed to Repair Afton’s Streets, Bond Election Planned Soon–…The oiled streets are now about 15 years old, and a decision must be made to spend considerable money to undertake quite an extensive repair program to restore the roads to good condition, or to let them go with minor repairs at present and be faced with complete deterioration and the necessity of expending several hundred thousand dollars for a a completely new job in the near future.

75-years ago:

Members of the Afton North Ward Sunday School enjoyed an excellent program Sunday morning. After the program beautiful tulips were presented to each mother of Afton North Ward.

Joe Weppner, commissioner on the Wyoming Historical Commission, visited in Afton Monday with the Star Valley Chamber of Commerce, relative to the erection of a monument near Austin Porter’s ranch where the old Lander Cut-off Trail intercepts the main highway No. 89.  Mr. Weppner, Less Barrus, R. G. Robinson and Wm. Frome went to the South End, and after a careful survey located and staked off an appropriate spot for the maker.  The Chamber will build the base and provide the rock and the State will erect the marker and furnish the plaque.  The unveiling celebration and dedication will be held July 4th in connection with Grand Canyon Highway celebration.

The OK tire Shop has been busy this week moving into the Call Garage building between the Hub and the Afton Hotels.  They are equipped to do all kinds of tire repairing.

Saturday, May 27, has been designated as Poppy Day.  “In remembrance of America’s heroic dead, and in helpfulness to her living disabled and dependents, wear me on ‘Poppy Day.’”

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This Week in Star Valley: May 12-18

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