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Game & Fish urge people to avoid newborn wildlife

Game & Fish urge people to avoid newborn wildlife

In the next several weeks, wildlife throughout Wyoming will be bearing their young.  In view of this, the Wyoming Game and Fish department asks that people take extreme care to stay away from young animals during this critical time.

The Game and Fish also cautions against picking up newborns because of potential harm to the animals.  The department also issued a reminder that picking up game animals is against the law, regardless if people think the animal has been abandoned by its mother.

According to the department, state and federal laws prohibit the possession of game and many nongame species.  The best option for people who come across newborn wildlife is to leave the animal; alone.

Game and Fish wildlife managers say that most animal mothers hide their young and return to them periodically to feed them or nurse. People finding young birds and animals often mistakenly assume that newborns have been abandoned, but this is rarely the case.  The mother knows where her young are and will almost certainly return.

Young birds will sometimes fall out or get pushed out of their nests before they are able to fly. The mother bird will care for the young bird while it is on the ground; bringing food and trying to protect the youngster while it is in this vulnerable situation.

Getting too close to some newborn wildlife can be very dangerous. A mother bear or moose will display very aggressive behavior when humans get close to their young. It is a good idea to leave an area immediately if you encounter an aggressive wildlife mother with her young.

Sheridan regional wildlife supervisor Joe Gilbert asks persons to please leave young wild animals alone. “If children bring home a wild “orphan,” immediately return it to the exact spot it was found,” Gilbert said. “In the rare instance when a fawn or other newborn is found and the mother is known to be dead, contact the nearest game warden, biologist or Game and Fish Regional Office.  Do not attempt to capture these animals yourself.”

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Game & Fish urge people to avoid newborn wildlife

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