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Alpine optimistic about brewery

Alpine optimistic about brewery

A request from the town of Alpine for a Business Committed Grant has been approved by the Wyoming Business Council at a May 29 meeting in Laramie.

Alpine requested a $2,949,425 Business Committed grant to construct a 20,000 square foot building and utility extensions for the expansion of Melvin Brewing, according to information provided by the business council.

Melvin Brewing has been working with the town of Alpine and the business council on the grant application in the past year.

With initial approval coming from the council, the grant application will go  before the Wyoming State Land and Investment Board on June 19  in Cheyenne for final approval.

As part of the grant application process for the brewery the Town of Alpine hosted a public hearing in January.

“This is a project that will bring 30 plus employees to the town over the next four years,” Alpine Mayor Kennis Lutz told the Star Valley Independent earlier this year. “If we can create another 30 jobs and get some more people to move into town then more businesses and services will follow and that will bring more people.”

According to Lutz, if the funding comes through from the state, groundbreaking could take place as early as August.

“We have to start somewhere,” said Lutz. “We have to start bringing business in and getting people into jobs. That is what this is about. It’s about jobs, jobs, jobs.”

For more information on the Alpine Brewery Project, contact the Alpine Town Hall at 654-7757.

Alpine optimistic about brewery

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