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Afton to receive $3 million grant for street and sewer improvements

Afton to receive $3 million grant for street and sewer improvements

The Town of Afton has been notified that its $3 million grant application to the Wyoming Business Council will be funded in full. The state’s decision to fund the request was made on Thursday, June 19 in Cheyenne.

The grant funds will be used for street and sewer improvements within the town.

“Of course this is something that the Town of Afton is excited about,” said Mayor Loni Hillyard. “Its been the desire of the town to improve and repair streets for a number of years. But every street we wanted to do had sewer problems. It did not make sense to repair the roads so they could be torn apart a relatively short time later to make sewer improvements. And we could not come up with the funding to address both sewer and road repairs until now. That is why this grant is so important. These funds allow us to make the upgrades, repairs and improvements that are needed to the sewer lines and streets in an organized and logical manner.”

According to Hillyard, the town will use its Capital Improvement Plan to move forward with projects, starting with the “worst roads and sewer lines and moving on from there.”

“With our CIP we looked at access, condition of roads and sewer lines, and that sort of thing and put the projects on a scale,” said Hillyard. “That allowed the town to determine where the repairs were needed the most and how to coordinate the different smaller projects in an efficient and cost effective way.”

According to Hillyard, the grant funding from the state has a $250,000 match requirement from the town.
“Every year we have seen a decrease in the town’s revenues but we have been able to live within our budget and put some money aside each year for infrastructure,” said Hillyard. “As a result, we have the match funds in place for this grant and can move forward.”

Hillyard credited the town council and town’s employees for working hard to stretch dollars and manage the town’s funds in a way that allowed some money to be set aside for meeting infrastructure needs.
According to Hillyard, initial work will begin on Afton’s streets and sewer late this summer or early fall.

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Afton to receive $3 million grant for street and sewer improvements

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