Kim points to increased permits as Afton grows

Kim points to increased permits as Afton grows

The number of building permits in the Town of Afton is up, bringing in more than double the anticipated permit revenues, said Town Administrator Hyun Kim.

“I think those numbers are really telling when it comes to the growth the town is experiencing,” said Kim. “We budgeted a revenue of $7,000 as far as building permits are concerned. Year to date we have more than $14,000. So that is twice what was anticipated as far as building permits in the town.”

According to Kim, the Town of Afton is interested in “steady, sustainable, slow growth over the next few years.”
“We do not what to see unfettered growth,” he said. “We want to see jobs and opportunities coming into the town in a way that benefits the town and its residents.”

According to Kim, one specific area of building permits is not outpacing the other areas of building permits in the, which reflects balanced growth.

“We have a number of residential permits. Business permits are 120 percent of what they were last year. Our commercial permits are up as well,” he said. “We are seeing a lot of positive growth at this time.”
According to Kim, sustaining steady growth is one of the reasons the town is focusing its efforts on infrastructure.
“We need to make sure the town has the necessary infrastructure in place to meet the demands on it,” he said.

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Kim points to increased permits as Afton grows

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