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FBI’s Denver office warns of business e-mail scam

FBI’s Denver office warns of business e-mail scam

This week the FBI Denver Division issued a warning that it “has received an increase in Business E-Mail Compromise complaints” across the region.

According to information released by the FBI, the fraud occurs when the “Controller, Treasurer, or Accounting Officer at the business receives an e-mail that appears to be from their company executive.”

“The e-mail is a request that a wire transfer be sent,” said Dave Joly, media coordinator for the FBI Denver Field Office. “The fraudulent e-mail appears to have originated from an executive within the company or appears to be an e-mail chain forwarded from company executives. The e-mail includes an attachment with instructions for the wire transfer.”

According to information provided by the FBI, the domain name “used to send the fraudulent e-mail is similar to the company’s domain name with a minor change.”

“The domain name used for the fraudulent activity will contain an additional letter or number in the middle of the company’s name,” said Joly.

According to the FBI, a  similar fraud campaign, targeting businesses in the Seattle area, took place in December 2013.
Companies that are victims or intended victims of the this type of fraud are encouraged to report the incidents to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at

The following information should be included in the report to IC3:
• Header information from e-mail messages;
• Identifiers for the perpetrator (i.e.: name, website, bank account, e-mail addresses);
• Details on how, why and when you believe you were defrauded;
• Actual and attempted loss amounts;
• Other relevant information you believe is necessary to support your complaint;
• Reference Business E-mail Compromise.

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FBI’s Denver office warns of business e-mail scam

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