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Thayne Mayor: “Community Center is an asset.”

Thayne Mayor: “Community Center is an asset.”

The Thayne Community Center was completed approximately one year ago. And, according to Mayor Bob King, the building is an “outstanding asset” to the town.

“The place is so busy with concerts from the arts council, the library and its reading programs, the Department of Motor Vehicles, Lincoln Self Reliance and the child development center,” he said. “We have a variety of different educational programs taking advantage of the space. We have hunter’s safety classes in there, business trainings, fitness training, there are college classes and those sorts of things taking place. We also have the food bank there which allows them more room and they serve and extensive group. We also have the state health nurse in there now.”

The building provides a convenient location for state and local services as well as a place for the community to gather, King said.

“We are improving our fields around the community center for football and soccer,” he said. “Our youth recreation programs are doing really well and we are pleased with how they are going. Many of the activities are made possible because of the community center. We are planning to put our Consensus Block Grant monies toward improving and upgrading the playground equipment that is near the building. We see these types of improvements as a very positive thing for our community.”

According to King, the building not only pays for itself, it provides an economic boost to Thayne.
“Until we had the community center there was really no place for us to put on any of these events,” King said. “The community center has helped to make Thayne more of a hub for activities. That brings people into Thayne which stimulates the economy. I don’t see it doing anything but getting busier as people become more aware of what is there. We are still working on getting tables and chairs and that sort of thing so that we can host some bigger events. But overall we could not be more pleased with how the community center is working out for the Town of Thayne.”

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Thayne Mayor: “Community Center is an asset.”

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