Spare Parts to perform Monday under the Big Top

Spare Parts to perform Monday under the Big Top

The SpArE PaRtS Band consists of 5 members all from Kemmerer, Wyoming.  The band started about 4 1/2 years ago and were recently joined by Wyoming Thunder members Terry Phelps and Darrell Alder.  The band consists of Terry Phelps (base), Justin Plowman (lead guitar), Darrell Alder (keyboard, rhythm guitar, and lead vocals), Aaron Ellis (drums), and Tim Williams (rhythm guitar and lead vocals).

They have played for many community events in the Kemmerer area such as:  Fossilfest, Silent Witness Program for the Turning Point, Community Picnic, Hunters Widows Craft Fair, and the Events Center Holiday Program.  They love playing together and having fun making music.  They are looking forward to their 1st Lincoln County Fair Performance as a band.

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Spare Parts to perform Monday under the Big Top

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