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Primary Election Candidates List

Primary Election Candidates List

The following is a list of candidates running for elected positions. The Primary Election for 2014 is this upcoming Tuesday, August 19. The Star Valley Independent encourages residents of the area to please take the time to vote.

United States Senator Republican
Arthur Bruce Clifton
Bryan E. Miller
James ‘Coaltrain’ Gregory
Mike Enzi
Thomas Bleming

United States Senator Democratic
Al Hamburg
Charlie Hardy
Rex Wilde
William Bryk

United States Representative

Cynthia Lummis
Jason Adam Senteney
Richard Grayson


Cindy Hill
Matt Mead
Taylor H. Haynes

Pete Gosar

Secretary of State
Ed Buchanan
Pete Illoway
Ed Murry
Clark Stith

State Auditor – Republican
Cynthia I. Cloud

State Treasurer – Republican
Mark Gordon
Ron Redo

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Republican
Bill Winney
Jillian Balow
Sheryl Lain

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Democratic
Mike Ceballos

State Representative 21
Robert McKim

State Representative 22
Marti Halverson

County Commissioner
Robert King
T. Deb. Wolfley
Paul C. Jenkins
Jerry T. Harmon
Bruce Davis
Dick Heiner

County Clerk
Jeanne Wagner

County Treasurer
Kathy Tomassi

County Assessor
Debbie Larson
Kendall Erickson

M. Shane Johnson

Clerk of District Court
Kenneth D. Roberts

County Attorney
Joshua Smith

County Coroner
Michael R. Richins

Afton Mayor
Loni Hillyard
Joel Neuenschwander

Afton Council
Rick Merritt
JC Inskeep
Randy Thompson

Alpine Mayor
Kennis Lutz

Alpine Council
Larry Rosenwinkel
Jeremy Larsen
Troy Greene

SV Ranch Mayor
Kathleen Buyers
Edwin Koch

SV Ranch Council
Dick Johnson
John Lynch
Ron Mueller

Thayne Mayor
DeLand Lainhart

Thayne Council
Jim Bartleson
Joe Heward

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Primary Election Candidates List

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