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2014 Lincoln County Primary Election Results

2014 Lincoln County Primary Election Results

Lincoln County residents made their voice known at the primary election polls on Tuesday, Aug. 19. According to preliminary voting numbers, 3,596 ballots were tallied in the county. Of that total number, 3,248 were cast on election day. There were 348 absentee ballots.

In the Governor’s Race, Lincoln County showed strong support of Matt Mead and Taylor Haynes. Mead earned 1,405 votes. Haynes brought in 1,049. Cindy Hill earned 781.

In the State Superintendent of Public Instruction race the county supported Sheryl Lain with 1,226 votes. Bill Winney had 791 votes. Jillian Balow had 753 votes.

Secretary of State Candidate Ed Buchanan earned 1,862 votes in Lincoln County. Ed Murry brought in 461 with Clark Smith getting 282 and Pete Illoway gaining 280.

State Treasurer Mark Gordon earned 2,169 votes in the county. Ron Redo had 398 votes.

State Auditor Cynthia Cloud had 2,692 votes in Lincoln County.

In the Lincoln County Commission Race, Jerry Harmon brought in 1,648 votes. Robert King earned 1,318 votes. Deb Wolfley 1,169 votes. Paul Jenkins brought in 1,060 votes.

Lincoln County Sheriff Shane Johnson earned 2,814 votes.

Lincoln County Coroner Michael Richins had 2,826 votes.

County Attorney Josh Smith earned 2,678 votes.

County Clerk Jeanne Wagner had 2,884 votes.

County Treasurer Kathy Tomassi had 2,837 votes.

County Assessor Debbie Larson had 2,054 votes. Kendall Erickson earned 1,024 votes.

Clerk of District Court Kenneth Roberts brought in 2,793 votes.

District 2, Precinct 1: had a total of 426 ballots.
The precinct supported Joel Neuenschwander in the mayoral race with 241 votes. Loni Hillyard received 166 votes.
The precinct offered 260 votes in favor of JC Inskeep in the council race. Randy Thompson earned 217 votes and Rick Merritt brought in in 197 votes.

District 2, Precinct 2: had a total of 103 ballots cast.
Unofficial results of the precinct were not available at press time.

District 2 Precinct 8: had a total of 200 ballots.
DeLand Lainhart earned 53 votes in the mayoral race.
The council race votes were as follows: Jim Bartleson earned 44 votes; Joe Heward had 48 votes.

District 2 Precinct 3: There were a total of 167 ballots cast in Alpine.
Mayor Kennis Lutz earned 58 votes.
In the council race Troy Greene earned 26 votes. Jeremy Larson had 35 votes. Larry Rosenwinkel had 52 votes.

SV Ranch
District 2 Precinct 10: had 370 votes.
In the Mayoral Race, Kathleen Buyers earned 126 votes. Ed Koch earned 172 votes.
Council position votes were as follows: Dick Johnson had 142 votes; John Lynch had 163 votes; Ron Mueller had 168 votes.

All election results in Lincoln County and the State of Wyoming are unofficial and preliminary until they can be certified. Click here for the official Lincoln County website.

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2014 Lincoln County Primary Election Results

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