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MIG demonstration part of Alpine Fly-in next week

MIG demonstration part of Alpine Fly-in next week

Next week the Alpine airport will be the site of a Young Presidents and World Presidents Organization  Fly-In Conference, sponsored by Aviat Aircraft of Afton and Cessna Aircraft of Wichita, Kan.

As part of the conference, a MIG demonstration has been set for Friday, Sept. 5, 2014 at 6 p.m. over the Palisades Reservoir.
Area residents are invited to park along the reservoir highway to enjoy watching the MIGs.

The registered guests of the conference are being hosted by the Aviation Network of the Young President’s and World President’s Organization that represents business leaders in some 130 countries worldwide, as well as the Alpine airport community, the Bank of Star Valley, Aero Condos, and the Town of Alpine.
In 2012, 65 acres and 25 lots were attached to the  6,000 foot runway and another dozen hangars and homes started construction.

Contracts for excavation, asphalt, concrete, materials, building supplies, and labor have been sourced in the Valley.
With some 70 hangars and homes on the runway and taxiways, the airport will have room for no more than about another 50 hangars or homes, and stands as a gem for the area as a world class destination for outdoor life and aviators.

The airport is also encouraging and keeping business in Wyoming, for hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, golfing, skiing and more, and is of great importance to the continuing stability and growth of Afton’s and Lincoln County’s world famous backcountry plane manufacturer, Aviat Aircraft.

One of the goals of the fly-in is to showcase the Alpine Airport as well as celebrate the history of aviation in this area.
Some notable features of the airport include the following:

• The Alpine airport is effectively longer than the Jackson Hole airport as its 6,000′ long runway is 800′ lower than the Jackson Hole airport.

• A resident of the Alpine residential community can literally get to North America’s number one ski destination at Teton Village in the same amount of time as having landed at the Jackson Hole airport.

• The residential community at Alpine is attracting business, community, and social supporters to the Valley.
The Sept. 3 edition of the Star Valley Independent will include a feature on The Refuge Development at the Alpine Airport.

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Star Valley's Flooring Destination - Carpets Plus Colortile

MIG demonstration part of Alpine Fly-in next week

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