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Star Valley claims 1st annual “Dairy-Air” Mud Run

Star Valley claims 1st annual “Dairy-Air” Mud Run

There were ninja turtles, super heroes and even twin saviors of a galaxy far, far away. And mud. Plenty of mud.

If the pictures are to be trusted, the first annual Dairy-Air Mud Run hosted by the Star Valley High School Cross-Country team was more than a success, it was a life-long memory.

The Soda Springs girls took the team race with three of the top seven racers led by Kadee Simmons who placed fourth. Hannah Demler, a.k.a. Princess Leia,  was second overall for Star Valley who had two of the top eight. Karli Piaia of Rock Springs barreled through the course for first place overall but the Tigers had to settle for fourth in the team race.

The Braves had four of the top ten times including the first two racers to cross the line. Senior, Nic Demler, decked out in Luke Skywalker attire, won the race and freshman, Shane Henderson was second. They both finished in under 20 minutes. Kade Smith was fifth overall and Wyatt Peck was ninth in a great Star Valley showing of 30 boys.

The Dairy-air Milk Can Trophy went to Star Valley  with the lowest combined score of 94. Soda Springs was second with 121. Teton rounded out the top three with 144.

The SVXC teams will shed the alter-egos this weekend as they run in the Cardinal Classic in Soda Springs on Saturday.


Payton "The Pirate" Dunn emerges from the mud.Heather Thompson

Payton “The Pirate” Dunn emerges from the mud.

Combined Team Scores
Star Valley    94
Soda Springs    121
Teton        144
Rock Springs    168
Jackson    243

Girls Team Scores
Soda Springs    48
Star Valley    60
Teton        79
Rock Springs    80
Jackson    101

Girls Individual (Top-10)
Karli Piaia    R.S.    23:27
Hannah Demler    S.V.    24:40
Alyse Henry    R.S.    25:11
Kadee Simmons    Soda    26:11
Cat Mccullough    Soda    26:17
Abby Brazil    Jackson    26:36
Alexa White    Soda    26:48
Courtney Smith    S.V.    26:56
Brazee Smith    Jackson    26:59
Sarah Bentlage    Jackson    27:03

Boys Team Scores
Star Valley    34
Teton        65
Soda Springs    73
Rock Springs    88
Jackson    142


Batman (Caitlyn Turner) and Robin (Hannah Thompson) were just two of a universe of comic characters.Heather Thompson

Batman (Caitlyn Turner) and Robin (Hannah Thompson) were just two of a universe of comic characters.

Boys Individual (Top-10)
Nic Demler    S.V.    19:30
Shane Henderson S.V.    19:59
Preston Portillo    R.S.    21:19
Josh Balls    Soda    21:27
Kade Smith    S.V.    21:47
Kameron Moroneso Jax.    21:49
Josh Bowman    Soda    22:01
James Letham    Teton    22:25
Wyatt Peck    S.V.    22:28
Stephan Medina    Soda    22:30

Star Valley Girls
Hannah Demler    24:40    2nd
Courtney Smith    26:56    8th
Maddi Ashworth 27:42    12th
Hannah Tallerico 28:25    18th
Aspen Heward    28:51    20th
Tori Heap    28:51    21st
Hannah Thompson 29:11    23rd
Caitlyn Turner    29:12    24th
Kayli Draney    30:18    29th
Izzy Currie    30:59    31st
Savannah Jeske    32:17    32nd
Kelsey Dana    33:20    39th
Jenna Draney    33:40    41st

Star Valley Boys
Nic Demler    19:30    1st
Shane Henderson 19:59    2nd
Kade Smith    21:47    5th
Wyatt Peck    22:28    9th
Connor Turner    23:04    17th
Wesley Kallgren    23:11    19th
Jake Thompson    23:21    21st
Trevor Clark    24:18    25th
Tysen Robinson    24:43    27th
Eli Saberon    24:46    28th
Evan Kirk    24:52    29th
Alex Fluckiger    25:01    32nd
Soren Robinson    25:04    33rd
Payton Dunn    25:17    36th
Gavin Speakman 25:29    38th
Jayden Nelson    26:11    45th
Dylan Brog    26:33    47th
Ben Henderson    26:35    48th
Luis Almanza    26:41    49th
Dustin Brown    27:02    51st
Nick Robinson    27:04    52nd
Ryan Henderson 28:04    58th
Wyatt Olsen    28:13    60th
Brian Campbell    28:19    62nd
Tyler Helesen    29:08    69th
Nathan Hirschi    29:47    72nd
Dustin Graham    30:30    76th
Matthew Helgesen 30:56    78th
Jack Doornbos    32:39    81st
Brian Castillo    41:05    83rd

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Star Valley claims 1st annual “Dairy-Air” Mud Run

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