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Crews paving Afton streets

Crews paving Afton streets

With the concrete work completed, construction crews are proceeding with paving on the Afton Main Street project.
“We have finished up the concrete work and worked on all of the soft spots associated with Afton’s water project,” Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) Resident Engineer Mike Garner told the Star Valley Independent this week. “We’re now down to the paving.”

Garner said the first completed phase of paving will be down from the Swift Creek Bridge on the north to Castle Rock Dodge on the south. Once completed, paving will continue from the Swift Creek Bridge to the two-lane highway on the north end of Afton.

Traffic in both directions will remain flowing with flaggers available at the intersections when needed.
Paving involves a three-layer system. First a one-inch test strip will be put down and then a two-inch leveling course, followed by a three-quarter-inch wearing course.

Once the two layers of pavement are laid down, equipment will be used to level the road. This will be followed by installation of the wearing course on the top to help drain water and improve tractions.

“It looks like rice-krispie  cookies, for lack of a better term,” explained Garner of the final covering on the Afton highway. “It allows the water  to go through and to the side.”

New concrete on the project is designed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards with specific grades for wheel chairs and markings for sight impaired pedestrians.

“Everything that is new is up to the new standards,” advised Garner.
Contract completion for the Afton main street project is required by the end of October, however Garner told the Independent in an earlier interview he anticipates the work will conclude earlier.

“It’s scheduled for an Oct. 31 completion, but we think it will be done by the end of August,” Garner said at the beginning of the summer. “We want to try and get in and out of there as quickly as possible.”
WYDOT has contracted with DePatco on the $2.7 million project that calls for highway milling of the five-lane throughout Afton.

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Star Valley's Flooring Destination - Carpets Plus Colortile

Crews paving Afton streets

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