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This Week in Star Valley: July 15-21

This Week in Star Valley: July 15-21

The Star Valley Independent has been covering the many varied communities of the area with a weekly edition since 1903.

In that time, the local newspaper has seen and covered a lot. From area happenings on a national and global scale, to statewide and regional news that impacted valley residents.

This particular column takes some of the headlines and pictures that appeared in the Star Valley Independent during this calendar week of the year, 25, 50 and 75 years ago and gives readers a chance to see how and what has changed as well as those things that don’t seem to change at all.

What do you remember from these editions? Were you there? Has your opinion changed over the years? Chime in below with our comment section.

This week’s featured photo comes from the July 15, 2010 edition as signage was completed along the historic Crow Creek road.

25-years ago:

Beginning July 1, 1990, anyone under the age of 19 who is convicted of violating the alcohol or drug laws in Wyoming will now lose their Wyoming driving privileges in addition to the usual penalties.

The DUP Museum located at the rest area on Afton’s main street will be open to the public Monday through Friday from 1-5 p.m. throughout the summer. There are no plans at this time to move the museum or to donate the artifacts to Salt Lake City.

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50-years ago: 

Trudy Brower Named ‘Miss Wyoming 1965’.

The community was saddened Monday, July 12, when an accident took the life of Kory James Hoopes, 13, of Fairview. Although the details of the accident will never be known, it appeared that the horse Kory was riding in the hills on the west side of the valley fell with him and may have rolled over him. He died later the same day at the Star Valley LDS Hospital in Afton of cerebral hemorrhage and a basal skull fracture.

Afton Plans half percent Sales Tax Increase—The Afton Town Council, at its regular meeting held Monday, July 6, placed on first reading an ordinance imposing an additional half-percent sales tax levy on goods and services covered by the sales tax law, in accordance with the new legislation passed by the last session of the Wyoming Legislature. The levy would increase the sales tax from the two and a half-percent now being collected (since July 1) to a total of three-percent. Approximately $8,000 per year is expected to be added to the town of Afton’s revenue through the additional levy…

75-years ago:

Two large homes near Afton were completely destroyed by fire last Wednesday night. The first occurred at the home of Albert Olson in Osmond, which according to Mr. Olson, started from the electric wires. There was only a little water available and before anything could be done, the whole house was a mass of flames. Only a small amount of household goods were saved. Mr. Olson did not have any insurance. While people were still watching this fire, another blaze was noticed west of Afton. This proved to be the house owned by M.D. Yeaman, and occupied by Ned Yeaman and family. Not a drop of water could be had, so all they could do was to get out what furniture and goods they could. This house was partially covered by insurance.

The Star Valley Power and Light Co. are progressing very satisfactorily on the work of their new plant up Swift Creek. The large dam is now nearly completed and work will commence in a few days on the building to house the generator. The steel pipe line has been ordered and will be here in a week or two. Upwards of fifty men have been on the payroll part of the time, and $4,600 was paid out in wages alone during June. This does not include the cost of gravel, cement, etc. It is expected that the new plant will be in operation about September or October.

Elsie’s Cafe, Afton’s newest eating house, opened up for business last Saturday in the Thurman building just south of the Highway 89 Bar. The place is leased and operated by Elsie Christensen, who already has had many years experience in the cafe business. New counters and booths have been built and the kitchen brought up to date in every way.

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This Week in Star Valley: July 15-21

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