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Experts say tremors not originating in the valley

Experts say tremors not originating in the valley

A series of earthquakes and aftershocks moving through the Star Valley area last week has been a topic of community discussion. However, according to both the United States Geological Survey and the University of Utah Earthquake Center, no earthquakes have occurred in the Star Valley area over the last week.

According to the earthquake report for the Intermountain West, a 1.0 Magnitude quake was recorded Wednesday, Aug. 26 at approximately 1:19 p.m. about nine miles southwest of Portage, Utah (81 miles northwest of Salt Lake City). The same report listed a 1.7 magnitude quake occurring on Thursday, Aug. 27 at 2:13 a.m. near Cooke City-Silver Gate, Mont. (The earthquake was approximately 38 miles east of West Yellowstone). Thursday, Aug. 27 at 7:09 a.m. a 1.2 magnitude quake took place about 11 miles southeast of Harrison, Mont. (The quake occurred about 21 miles northeast of Virginia City, Mont.). Thursday, Aug. 27 a magnitude 1.5 event took place at 5:24 p.m. The quake occurred approximately 18 miles east of Big Sky, Mont. Sunday, Aug. 30 a micro earthquake, 1.0 magnitude, occurred about 10 miles northwest of West Yellowstone.

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Experts say tremors not originating in the valley

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