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Star Valley Sports Journal: #1 vs #1

Star Valley Sports Journal: #1 vs #1

It’s been too long. There hasn’t been a home varsity event since January 9. For the wrestlers it’s been even longer. You have to go back to December 12. This is a doozy of a weekend for the home mat/court.

The #1 ranked Star Valley wrestlers host the #1 ranked Green River Wolves from the 4A class. Oh by the way, that’s the school that the football team stole a last-second win from in October before stomach-punching their state title hopes in November. Emotion anyone?

On top of that, it’s senior night and I can’t wait for the battles. Can you? This isn’t just a week where you get to choose. This is a civic duty to attend.

We have one of the most amazing venues for high school sports in the country. Let’s fill it up. Wrestling begins at 5 p.m. with JV matches and senior festivities to take place in between the JV and varsity action.

Then there’s Friday night. The Lander Tigers and their chuck-it-from-the-cheap-seats mentality against the Star Valley discipline. What else are you doing on a Friday night? Reschedule it.

Saturday? The last time Lovell came to Afton for a basketball game was 1983. I’d like them to be down double-digits as they marvel at the Crimson Cathedral in the first quarter before they settle in. We need a great crowd for that. Duke Dance and myself will be selecting a sign from each home game to win a free pizza. Creativity and execution will count and I hope we can take our home fervor up a notch. Let’s show the Green River, Lander and Lovell crowds what it’s like to have an amazing home advantage. See you there.

Attention Grabbers 

– In my heart I was hoping for a big margin of victory for the Braves’ wrestlers in Lander but I’ve been trying not to get my hopes up. After winning by 56 points, it’s going to be a month filled with expectations for the grapplers and why not?

– In two games in 24 hours, Jake Pierson rolled up 27 points, 12 rebounds and 13 assists. Not coincidentally the Braves won by 30 and 20 points respectively.

– Kenadee Jenkins’ defense. She was giving up several inches on Friday night but she played about as assertive as you can and not get called for too many fouls. It was a huge defensive night that forced the Buffs to shoot more from the outside.

– So long Bear Lake gym, the fan in me will miss you, but the broadcaster sure won’t.

– Dane Waldron is 8-0 with two tournament championships since returning from an eye injury two weeks ago.

– For the first time this season, the Braves really seemed to embrace their rotation and they looked darn good doing it.

– Morgan Dana’s return stat line: Eight points, seven rebounds, two assists and 2/2 from the free throw line. Welcome back Moe.

– The Braves defense pitched a shutout in the fourth quarter in Montpelier on Thursday night. I don’t remember seeing that in a varsity boys game before. The 27 points allowed was the fewest in the series since 2004 when the Braves only allowed 25. The fewest allowed? Try 11 points in 1963. Glad I wasn’t there for that one.

– Shania Warren snagging eight rebounds and often times running the break afterwards. That is a match-up problem for other teams.

– The Braves wrestlers have scored 521 points in the past two tournaments combined.

– There is the potential for a whopping NINE matches on Thursday with Green River in which both wrestlers will be ranked in the top-six of their respective class. Get there folks. It’s going to be intense.

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Star Valley Sports Journal: #1 vs #1

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