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LCSD #2 working on unified calendar proposal

LCSD #2 working on unified calendar proposal

With the e-mail survey closed, the Lincoln County School District No. 2 Administration will be moving a calendar proposal forward for the district trustees to consider. LCSD2 Administrator and McKay Young Swift Creek High School principal is chairing the Calendar Committee.

Acknowledging requests from parents, the committee’s task is focusing on a 2016-2017 calendar that would align the K-8 grades with Star Valley High School. “The unified calendar, is a five-day hybrid,” Young said of the proposed changes during an interview with SVI Media. “It doesn’t make the day any longer for the K-6 grades,” he explained. “We were able to cover the hours without lengthening the day and by ending the early release practice on Thursdays.” The change, “allows us to line up closer with the high school on a four to five day week,” he added.

The LCSD2 Calendar Committee will be going through the results of the e-mail survey to formulate a workable plan.

“We hope to get as much input as possible through the survey,” Young said. The committee chair noted the process still must work through two upcoming LCSD2 School Board meetings as part of the process. “We still want feed back and input,” he said. “This is not fast, we still have a process to follow, and people can continue to give us input and feedback. LCSD2 Supt. Alan Allred noted that paper copies of the proposed calendar are available at the district office in Afton. “We want everyone to see it and give us their input,” concluded Allred.

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LCSD #2 working on unified calendar proposal

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