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Wyoming Junior Colleges to raise tuition rates

Wyoming Junior Colleges to raise tuition rates

Wyoming students attending community colleges across the state will see an increase in cost per credit hour as officials are trying to keep education affordable in the face of heavy budget cuts, reports the Casper Star Tribune.

The Wyoming Community College Commission imposed a $5 per credit hour increase which will take effect for at least the next two academic years. The 5.6 percent hike is not a new idea according to executive director Jim Rose, who said it’s in line with the commission’s past increases.  The new per credit cost for Wyoming residents will be $94.

Earlier this fiscal year the commission instituted a $20.2 million cut says the Casper Star Tribune. With the ongoing two-year downturn in the energy economy, cuts like this have become the norm for Wyoming public education. Community colleges have already taken an 8 percent cut and the University has lost $42 million in funding this past year.

Additionally, the 12-credit-hour cap will be removed at community colleges in the 2018 school year. The current cap requires students to pay for the first 12 credit hours but not any more beyond that.

According to the Casper Star Tribune, Rose said the tuition increase will generate around $480,000 in additional revenue for colleges. About 10 percent of the revenue for the seven junior colleges in Wyoming comes from tuition, he said.

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Wyoming Junior Colleges to raise tuition rates

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